about us


Adam has been active in the poultry industry for 20 years. He is a specialist in the field of poultry hatching, breeding and transportation.


Mateusz has been involved in the terrarium-zoological market for 10 years. He used to own a terrarium shop, followed by a snake breeding farm and then later a rodent breeding farm, specifically for feeder purposes. He is involved in the development of the ‘whole prey’ diet in Poland.

We joined forces in 2020 to introduce our flagship product to the market – day-old chicks. The subject of whole prey diets has long been an extremely controversial issue. However, it is worth realising that there is a high demand for this type of product due to the behaviour and nature of exotic and domestic animals, which are increasing not only in parks and zoos, but also as part of private breeding. We supply our customers with several dozen tonnes of frozen chicks and several tonnes of quail per year.

We also offer a number of other products that form the basis of the diet for many carnivores, including frozen mice, rats or fish. It should be mentioned that all of our feed products come from our breeding farms or the farms managed by our associates. Great attention to animal welfare and work hygiene result in very good quality frozen feed.

Thanks to our own fleet of vehicles, partnerships with reliable transport companies and a well-developed dispatch network, we can deliver our products to many places throughout Europe.

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