DAY-OLD CHICKS Our flagship product. Frozen day-old chicks are the foundation for a bird of prey diet, but they can also be consumed by cats, snakes and reptiles.

The chicks come from our hatcheries, which we have been using for 20 years. Immediately after the hatching, the chicks are gassed using CO2, followed by chilling and deep freezing. As a result, the frozen chicks we offer are in excellent condition and at a stage representing high quality food. We offer 1-kilogram bags and 10-kilogram cardboard boxes. There is no issue with extracting individual chicks, as they are never stuck together.


As popular as our frozen chicks. The frozen quails we offer come from breeding farms that, like we do, prioritise quality and the well-being of the animals. The available sizes range from day-old quails weighing 5-7 grams to mature ones weighing 300 grams. With a wide range of sizes available, you can easily adjust the portion size of the meal as needed. The quails are frozen in such a way that it is not possible to extract individual pieces from the package.


Frozen mice are undoubtedly the most popular feeder rodent available. They are an essential part of the diet of snakes, birds of prey, many species of lizards and, recently, even cats (as part of the ‘whole prey’ diet).

A day-old frozen mouse, suckling or a new-born, which weights barely 1g, is an ideal first meal for a newly hatched corn snake, for example. Mice are available in various sizes, up to a weight of 40g.


These are the second most popular frozen rodent, after frozen mice. They reach much larger sizes than mice – up to 600g. They are suitable for feeding larger snakes or large birds of prey. Proper feed, temperature and cleanliness in the breeding rooms ensure the production of high-quality food for animals, in this case, based on frozen rats. We have a variety of sizes available.


We also offer frozen rabbits. We collaborate with breeding farms that specialise in rabbits for human consumption (carcasses). Frozen rabbits are commonly used as food for larger snakes, birds of prey and dogs (as part of the ‘whole prey’ diet). We offer rabbits in a range of sizes, starting from day-old rabbits and extending to mature ones weighing up to 5-6kg. Rabbit heads also help to keep the beak (for birds of prey) in good condition and evenly abraded, while the tender meat is a delicacy for many animals of prey.


We offer several dozen kinds of freshwater and saltwater fish, as well as seafood like prawns, mussels and crabs. Packed in variety of ways: IQF (individually quick frozen) or frozen blocks. Thanks to our partnerships with the leading distributors of frozen fish in Europe, we can complete an order for you with even very hard-to-find species in just a few days from ordering.


Horse meat, lamb or goat carcasses, and deer, pheasant or wild pigeon meat. These are just a few of the products we have available. As in the case of frozen fish & seafood, we can prepare an order consisting of different meat species, fractions or packaging in just a few days. We offer fresh meat – chilled and frozen.


the highest quality standards

Our company is under constant supervision of the Chief Veterinary Inspectorate – thanks to this you can be sure that the products we offer come from legal sources and are packed in accordance with the binding standards.

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